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According to Ian Rapoport, a well-known reporter on the NFL official website, the contract extension proposed by the Packers will not make Adams the most expensive wide receiver in the league. Currently, the number one salary among NFL wide receivers is DeAndre of the Cardinals. Lie Hopkins, his annual salary is $27.25 million. In addition, newly joined Titans Julio Jones, Lightning veteran wide receiver Keenan Allen and Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper are all well paid, with an annual salary of at least $20 million.

The end of the final game of the wild card game between the Cardinals and the Rams also means that all the matches between the NFL American League and the National League semifinals have been officially released. In fact, before this game, the NFL has announced the specific schedule for the semifinals to the Super Bowl, and the rest is for the team to fill in the blanks. And after the Super Wild Card Week, these 4 semi-finals are also exciting. What is the specific schedule? Let’s come to Amway below, all fans adjust the alarm clock, and prepare to watch the most exciting NFL games!
I don’t know if the schedule is intentional or not. The seventh week of the NFL regular season is full of strong feelings. The two games of the Lions and Rams, the Texans and the Cardinals were arranged at the same time, and one of the focus figures was Former Houston Texans star pass rusher JJ Watt, now with the Arizona Cardinals. Over the past 10 seasons, Watt has undoubtedly been the signature star of the Texans, but he will have to stand opposite the Texans as an opponent in this game.
On the morning of Tuesday, January 18th, it will continue to be American football time. On this day, there will be a final game of the NFL American football playoffs wild card week, by [email protected], the live broadcast room will bring this game at 9:15 in the morning The live broadcast of the game, here also brings you a detailed analysis. Both teams have strong reinforcements this season. The offensive team and the defensive team are full of stars. They were once called the Cosmos team and were considered to be the favorite teams to hit the Super Bowl this year. However, with the recent performance of the Cardinals, , the 2 teams were forced to meet in the first round of the playoffs, and one team will go home tomorrow.

Sometimes NFL teams can get a win even if they don’t play their best. While the Cardinals bloodbathed the Rams last week, they’re not as sharp against the 49ers, who are far less powerful on paper. First, the Cardinals’ road offense is limited to 27 rushing 94 yards; secondly, the Cardinals’ 10 third-shift conversions are only 3 times. If you really want to count, the Cardinals’ advancing yardage is not as good as the opponent’s rookie. Trey Lance is leading a lot of offense, which is a bit embarrassing.
Live it, September 20th. In a regular season of the American Professional Football League (NFL) that ended early this morning, the Arizona Cardinals beat the Minnesota Vikings with a score of 34:33. During the game, a photo of Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray emulating Dortmund star Haaland’s meditative celebration was widely circulated on social media after the game.
In the fourth week of the NFL’s regular season, the San Francisco 49ers were injured because of the main quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, so rookie Trey Lance was ordered in danger. Lance will be the official starter this week. On October 9th, Beijing time, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said that Lance will also start the Arizona Cardinals with a four-game winning streak on Sunday.